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In spring of 2010 we were tasked with creating a short scene of Tragedy, pulling influence from materials studied. I wrote a contemporary adaptation of Antigone, moving the story’s events to modern day Iraq, where my semi-fabricated conflict of American Occupiers against Militant Insurgents replaces the Civil War that precedes Sophocles’ play.

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Attempting Fate

In March of 2011 I churned out this short piece from an idea that my friend Ces brought to me (I’d previously written a one-act for her A-level drama group about the women in Alfred Hitchcock’s life, which seems all but lost to the ages). I honestly do not recall anything else about this, but I might consider polishing it in future.

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Clever Peter

In 2010 the UWE Drama Society took Grimm Fairy Tales to the Edinburgh Fringe that we adapted ourselves. I loved the silly little story of Clever Hans and decided to give it a darker ending.     Props – Ice Cream, iPod, Cigar, Cheque, Magic Beans, Wine Bottles, Suitcase. PETER – A selfish idiot, 15 AMY Read More


Here’s a quick scene I wrote after my first experience of the Royal Mile at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2009, inspired by a workshop I attended on dialogue. Characters: Gerald, Andy, Martina, Alice. Props: Newspaper, Gun, Herring. [Generic Public Street during a Fringe Theatre Festival. MARTINA is already sat on stage, reading today’s paper. Enter Read More