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Questions That Got Me Banned From PC World

Will my USB work in the USA? Why don’t places sell technolo A-through-F? How should I reply if I don’t know what equipment? Is a gadget a smaller version of a gadge? If my vice is devices, do they cancel each other out? Charger? I hardly knew’er. Read More

Ink Story – Rowena

The third story I wrote to be a campfire tale told around the time of King Arthur, and the only completely original one (the other two were versions of existing stories). Based off a suggestion by Qita Iseley. I hope you have a fun time playing through this little tale. If you wish to check Read More

Ink Story – Wichtlein Nix

The second of three choose-your-own campfire stories that may have been told by adventurers in Arthurian times, created using Inkle’s Inky writing software. This is also the second to be based off an existing piece of writing here on my site: The Wichtlein Nix. A horror story that was very fun, but even more fun Read More

Ink Story – The Way Wailer

In 2017 I wrote The Way-Wailer in the Wall as a fun little fan fiction for Inkle’s videogame adaptation of Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! books. I loved the choose-your-own adventure series Fighting Fantasy, and the digital versions of these titles from that series were particularly incredible. Fast forward three years and Inkle are making an original Read More

Video Games as Escapism I

Part 1: A Personal History of Video Games and Grief I want to talk about video games, I want to talk about loss, and I want to talk about my dad. My father killed himself when I was five years old. I remember very little from the months following his death, and only vaguely recall Read More

A Christmas Carol

Creative writing prompt: A Twist on a Christmas Classic

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It is Dark

I thought I would have a go at a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure gimmick, using the infinitely enjoyable Microsoft PowerPoint. I stuck to the most traditional tropes of the genre; dark cave fantasy, brimming with consequence and peril. There is a way out, and the path to failure is littered with clues and advice for an eventual success (and escape!)

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UWE ITC – ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore (2009)

Here is the explosive final scene (but you can watch the whole thing from the UWE ITC Vimeo account at – I played Florio, father of the doomed siblings. This is the production featured in another written piece of mine: Simon Garrington Goes to Hospital Read More

Monty on Brainiac

During the summer of 2006 I saw a particularly rubbish snippet of a television show called Brainiac Test Tube Baby in which a child made a funny face for 15 seconds of fame, and thought, “I could do that”. I emailed the show, saying that I could do at least 5 interesting things with my Read More

Good versus Evil in American Professional Wrestling

A university essay I produced for a module on representing the self and representing others. Researching this piece truly opened my eyes to the narrative-driven, entertaining, and deceptively well-planned world of American professional wrestling.

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What is Meant by ‘Theme’?

The first hand-in for a 1st-year-undergrad university course on Creative Writing I took in 2009. I couldn’t bring myself to read all of it again, it’s so badly informed (notice the complete lack of critical perspective in my bibliography). I assume that I’d rushed this last minute; choosing instead to dedicate the weeks I had in preparation to partying and playing megadrive. That first line even – eurgh! “EVERY film and play has at least one defining theme”?! What tosh. Past Monty is, and always will be, an imbecile. Well, enjoy…

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The Kenyan Demon Debate

A remote Kikuyu village in Kenya have been in uproar recently over a neighbouring village’s claims that their livestock is possessed by demons with telepathic abilities. This flood of worry has coincided with a new technological initiative in the village, which has seen the installation of a telephone mast, and has provided each adult in Read More

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