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Wedding Vows

Monty’s Vow to Qita Qita, you are my family. You are the most breathtakingly wonderful part of my life and you enrich everything about it. Your love fits me as perfectly as your little spoon fits my big spoon. I promise to always love, support, cherish, and celebrate you and our family. I promise to Read More

Ink Story – Rowena

The third story I wrote to be a campfire tale told around the time of King Arthur, and the only completely original one (the other two were versions of existing stories). Based off a suggestion by Qita Iseley. I hope you have a fun time playing through this little tale. If you wish to check Read More

Ink Story – Wichtlein Nix

The second of three choose-your-own campfire stories that may have been told by adventurers in Arthurian times, created using Inkle’s Inky writing software. This is also the second to be based off an existing piece of writing here on my site: The Wichtlein Nix. A horror story that was very fun, but even more fun Read More

Ink Story – The Way Wailer

In 2017 I wrote The Way-Wailer in the Wall as a fun little fan fiction for Inkle’s videogame adaptation of Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! books. I loved the choose-your-own adventure series Fighting Fantasy, and the digital versions of these titles from that series were particularly incredible. Fast forward three years and Inkle are making an original Read More

Joe Chicago in Flight

My dreams of producing a fully-fledged Joe Chicago novella may never come to pass, but I will always return to him; even if just to touch-up the scant few scenes that I have thus far devised. I decided one day last year to polish up the Joe Chicago in the Angels Brothel piece that I wrote for Read More

News Transcript

Similar to the Smash Mouth All Star brief from a year ago, we had to choose a song and write a short piece based on it. Can you guess which popular song from 2007 is the inspiration for this live reporter broadcast?

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Olfactory Pleurodonta

Pride. The scent por butch, pour femme, pour non-binaire.”


It stank like bed-sweat, months after requiring a change of sheets, but with a gentle lilt of ripe apples after a summer rain. The tart musk hit like a curse, but the immediate familiarity of it pulled him in deeper. He inhaled desperately to keep chasing that soft bitter-sweetness beneath, as though burying his face into the pillow of a departed lover.


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Dear Bertie

Love. Any colour, taste, or feel of it. We all love. For Valentine’s day 2018 our prompt was to write any short piece about romance or love, with the strict rule of not being cynical about it (for, in our edginess we often resort to treating it scathingly and mishandling love in our creative writing). I wanted to show that love, earnest love, could still be both happy and sad, without being cynical.

Here is a letter, written from Gerald to Bertie.

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Heist v.8.01.2d

Volume in drive A is BOOTDISK Volume Serial Number is 0X14-4RN Directory of A:\   CONFIG SYS 0 30-01-2018 2:40p HELP SYS 22 23-09-2016 7:09a LIFE COM 42,000 28-01-2017 12:00p 3 files(s) 42,022 bytes 0 drive(s) 24,644 bytes free   A:\>_   A:\>run LIFE   +——————————————————————————–+ |                  Read More

A Christmas Carol

Creative writing prompt: A Twist on a Christmas Classic

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He Wasn’t Happy

He wasn’t happy.   He’d had enough of being teased by the others; always the butt of their jokes, always mocked and teased.   He got it wrong. What an idiot. What a moron. What a dummy.   They’d lived together amicably for a long time now. When they all first met they thought they’d Read More


Another 500-word submission for our creative writing group. This time, it’s a scary story theme, in honour of Halloween next week! FYI: The hypnopompic state is the part of the sleep/wake cycle when you begin to wake from your dream.


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