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Video Games as Escapism I

Part 1: A Personal History of Video Games and Grief I want to talk about video games, I want to talk about loss, and I want to talk about my dad. My father killed himself when I was five years old. I remember very little from the months following his death, and only vaguely recall Read More

Joe Chicago in the Angel’s Brothel

I was overjoyed when given the task to write up to 500 words that connect to the words Flight, Angel and Tentacle. This small excercise conjured the memory of a pulp sci fi detective chapter I’d written a couple of years back (Joe Chicago and the Case of the Fallen Angel –, and made Read More

Found Horse

I stumbled on this opening that I churned out to a longer form poem – I’ll probably add to it and edit it as time goes on, but here’s just the beginning… I came upon a solitary steed, Though in itself not a peculiar sight, It was of gentle stand and healthy breed, And harnessed Read More