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Nature’s Knell

The world was gold chaotic beauty, born beneath our star, Filled with life; a fruitful, free utopia. Once the endless bliss of Eden shone and rode And met itself, an endless reach around the globe. This natural perfection bore us all by its selection, But this world so great and generous has not been treated Read More

Ink Story – Rowena

The third story I wrote to be a campfire tale told around the time of King Arthur, and the only completely original one (the other two were versions of existing stories). Based off a suggestion by Qita Iseley. I hope you have a fun time playing through this little tale. If you wish to check Read More

Ink Story – Wichtlein Nix

The second of three choose-your-own campfire stories that may have been told by adventurers in Arthurian times, created using Inkle’s Inky writing software. This is also the second to be based off an existing piece of writing here on my site: The Wichtlein Nix. A horror story that was very fun, but even more fun Read More

Ink Story – The Way Wailer

In 2017 I wrote The Way-Wailer in the Wall as a fun little fan fiction for Inkle’s videogame adaptation of Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! books. I loved the choose-your-own adventure series Fighting Fantasy, and the digital versions of these titles from that series were particularly incredible. Fast forward three years and Inkle are making an original Read More

Video Games as Escapism I

Part 1: A Personal History of Video Games and Grief I want to talk about video games, I want to talk about loss, and I want to talk about my dad. My father killed himself when I was five years old. I remember very little from the months following his death, and only vaguely recall Read More


Hope.   There are things that I want, Through impulse, urge, lust or greed. There are things that I wish, For me, you, and those in need. There are things that I crave, Out of hunger, habit, or being alone. There are things that I take, A seat, advantage, for granted the things that I Read More

A History of Our Love

Ten thousand moons ago, beneath the light of stars, In some forgotten kingdom realm of far away, A pauper fled his prison cell of iron bars and met his princess love upon the dawn of day. For in each others’ souls there lived an endless fire Which cruelly did endure a time of years apart, Read More

Joe Chicago in Flight

My dreams of producing a fully-fledged Joe Chicago novella may never come to pass, but I will always return to him; even if just to touch-up the scant few scenes that I have thus far devised. I decided one day last year to polish up the Joe Chicago in the Angels Brothel piece that I wrote for Read More

My Love is a Late Afternoon

My love is a late afternoon. It is the nostalgic glow of a waning hour. It is the sense of surety following the middle of the day, that the cold of the early morning is a distant memory. It is the familiar winding down of work and the lowering of a burden. It is the Read More

Our Love Beyond Words

My words cannot encapsulate in rhyme Th’extent and depth and lasting of our love And ne’er is there expanse enough of time To quantify the joy that I speak of. So, limited in lexicon and phrase, (For words, unlike our love, have limit end) I’ll show our love’s eternity in days Devoted as your lover, Read More

The Naughty Porter’s Poppy Top-up

I taught a portly porter proper water regulation When he had chosen hosing all the poppies in the station. I suggest it best, I thought, to water from a can, As candidly, the hose he chose would leave them weak and wan.   This stocky station-stocker thought me odd and off my rocker, Retorting with Read More

A Poem About Daffodils

Daffodils aren’t daffy Nor so serious And not always so happy A bit like all of us   Happy Poetry Day 2018! Read More

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