Sitting on a bench on a hill

The challenge was to write something that was ‘against type’; in some way opposite to how you would usually write. I identified that my poetry usually sticks to rhyme and meter, and is mostly reliant on metaphor and simile. I tried to write a lovely seasonal piece without any of these things, and this is the result. Read More


Another 500-word submission for our creative writing group. This time, it’s a scary story theme, in honour of Halloween next week! FYI: The hypnopompic state is the part of the sleep/wake cycle when you begin to wake from your dream.

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September 30th

The final breath of a much appreciated rest at the mountain’s peak. A break in the clouds in the last afternoon of the working week. The dial tone after that long-delayed call to a distant friend. The visible bottom of the jar, signalling the peanut butter’s end. A single strip of green remaining for the Read More

Coming soon…

What a bother. In May 2017 an error in WordPress caused my site to overwrite itself with a backup from early November 2016, instantly destroying over 6 months of work. Most of the work was otherwise saved elsewhere (sometimes in the oddest places), and I have now tracked most of it down and backed it Read More

The Kenyan Demon Debate

A remote Kikuyu village in Kenya have been in uproar recently over a neighbouring village’s claims that their livestock is possessed by demons with telepathic abilities. This flood of worry has coincided with a new technological initiative in the village, which has seen the installation of a telephone mast, and has provided each adult in Read More

The Paint Mixer’s Son

Hugh Jay was the best in the paint mixing business, and his popularity boomed following the release of his latest series of paint colours. Hugh had created a series of bird-and-nature-themed hues and tones, which included ‘Wren’s Dawn’, ‘Owl’s Moon’, ‘Robin’s Eve’ and ‘Jay’s Sun’, and they were possibly the most successful line he had Read More

Clever Peter

In 2010 the UWE Drama Society took Grimm Fairy Tales to the Edinburgh Fringe that we adapted ourselves. I loved the silly little story of Clever Hans and decided to give it a darker ending.     Props – Ice Cream, iPod, Cigar, Cheque, Magic Beans, Wine Bottles, Suitcase. PETER – A selfish idiot, 15 AMY Read More


16:07 Perdita held her mother’s hand, awkwardly through the thick gloves, but tight. The eye-holes above her snout restricted her view, so she relied on her mother to guide her safely. This year she was a werewolf. The cul de sac was infested with all manner of ghouls, grotesques, and ghastlies, all milling this way Read More

Sim ill arse hounds

Another Creative Writing challenge was to produce something where the first line was the same as the last line. Inspired by nonsense poems, I tried to create a series of near-limericks that have the same first and last lines – but also, these repeated lines sound almost identical to the next poem’s first and last Read More

The Worst Tribute of All Time

If you haven’t yet caught the incredible Worst Idea of All Time podcast by Tim Batt and Guy Montgomery (on the network) then you’d better drop whatever it is you’re doing and give it a listen now! It’s some of the funniest spontaneous content on the web, and true gold comedy. Long story short, I sent Read More


Another Creative Writing group prompt – we had to write 500 words and tell the story from two perspectives. You’ll notice the occisional # – when you’re done reading, scroll to the bottom for instructions, then read again!     Perspective 1 Twenty three hours. Used, neglected, forgotten, alone. # Munshifa was left splayed across Read More

Joe Chicago in the Angel’s Brothel

I was overjoyed when given the task to write up to 500 words that connect to the words Flight, Angel and Tentacle. This small excercise conjured the memory of a pulp sci fi detective chapter I’d written a couple of years back (Joe Chicago and the Case of the Fallen Angel –, and made Read More

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