On Winter

The first poem in my Seasons quartet We mourn the loss of afternoons to ever-sooner moons, The darkness we had once forgot in old Julys and Junes, It creeps on us to break our hearts, and tear apart the days, So bitter in its jealousy of Summer-long malaise. It takes the Autumn to defeat the Read More

Grimm Fairy Tales Review (2010)

Space@the Radisson – August 2010 There are some energetic performances: Monty Kimball-Evans is notable for his commitment. James Morris and Mike Yates also try desperately to add a little quality to the production. Others however stand on stage smiling awkwardly like fifteen year olds forced to do the school play. As these baffling additions to Read More

Nude With A Violin Review (2012)

Sacred Hearts Hall, Cheltenham – September 06, 2012 Paris in the 1950s: the cultural capital of the world, a city of penthouse suites populated by cigarette-puffing socialites, where modern art typified the avant-garde and Joe Public deferred to expert opinion and accepted it unquestioningly. Into this acquiescent atmosphere, Noël Coward floated his whimsical comedy of manners Nude Read More

Hedda Gabler Review (2012)

Parabola Arts Centre, Cheltenham – 11th April 2012     “One of the tragedies of women is that their willpower tends to remain undeveloped” claimed Norwegian dramatist Henrik Ibsen, and as if to belie this belief, he created the headstrong heroine of his dark 1890 work Hedda Gabler. Now regarded as a classic of the late 19thcentury Read More

My First Poem

I once knew a monkey, called Monkey, Who grew so incredibly high, But one day he grew just too tall For our house, And he left Without saying, “Goodbye”. Read More

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