How’s the weather up there?

Ask me for the weather And you’ll sometimes think me funny For even when it pours with rain I’ll tell you that it’s sunny Though times are hard The day is tough I haven’t any money You’ll think it queer to hear – in cheer – me tell you I feel sunny The crumbs are Read More

Love is Strawberries

Sometimes love is a field of wild strawberries;Assorted shapes, sizes, colours, tastes,Growing in patches and amongst wild flowers,On runners that run low, or grow tall as towers. Sometimes love is a pick-your-own;Fill your wee basket with the juiciest, sweetest,Most vibrant fruits of nature’s harvest,Eagle-eyed, swoop and grab, swift as a carvist. Sometimes love is a Read More

That Bee

Do not swat that bee. Be kind to bees. Offer that bee some sugar water. Hum lovingly at that bee. Tell that bee to be all it can be, all it wants to be. “You have a lovely jacket, bee.“ “I really dig those wings, bee.“ “Thanks for making honey, bee.“ “You’re the employ-bee of Read More

An Autobiographical Poem That Reads The Same Forwards and Backwards And Has As Many Consonants As Vowels.

Boob Read More

On the First of May

Away to field and forest all To damp your hem in dew, Come hear the merry Beltane call And join its ballyhoo! The night was spent in revelry Of Heiros Gamos’ scene; To nascent earth’s fertility, Crown King of May, and Queen. Handfast yourselves, you joyful folx, And bring a hawthorn bough. The love you’ll Read More

Autumn in Hampstead Heath

Today I visited the Heath, Came to ask how it was doing, See if it was lonely. But the Heath in autumn is far from lonely. Though the picnics and ice cream vans of the summer are gone, The many walkers, retrievers, terriers, and setters remain. Couples cling to one another, all the closer-knit to Read More

With thanks to Naoto, Yuji and Hirokazu

In my first few steps The acceleration is like an irresistible tugging Like being pulled forward by a current It feels slow at first Until I realise how far I’ve gone Until I realise I am now running faster than a fighter jet The green streaking in patterns of dark and light beneath my shoes Read More

The Moon

Tonight is a full moon, the Harvest Moon, tolling in the last few months of the year. It is also national poetry day, so here is a poem to celebrate… I am convinced the full moon does not exist Huge and round on the horizon glowing ethereally Its seas defined its shape apparent its pull Read More

Life’s Song

I sat one day, outside my home, Quite laissez faire and all alone, When all-a-sudden, something here Inevitable did appear: A figure of impressive height, Within a cape be-weaved of night, Who wore a cap of stark, thin, hair And locked me in its soulless stare. “I dare”, they wheezed through cracking teeth, “I dare”, Read More

Nature’s Knell

The world was gold chaotic beauty, born beneath our star, Filled with life; a fruitful, free utopia. Once the endless bliss of Eden shone and rode And met itself, an endless reach around the globe. This natural perfection bore us all by its selection, But this world so great and generous has not been treated Read More


Hope.   There are things that I want, Through impulse, urge, lust or greed. There are things that I wish, For me, you, and those in need. There are things that I crave, Out of hunger, habit, or being alone. There are things that I take, A seat, advantage, for granted the things that I Read More

A History of Our Love

Ten thousand moons ago, beneath the light of stars, In some forgotten kingdom realm of far away, A pauper fled his prison cell of iron bars and met his princess love upon the dawn of day. For in each others’ souls there lived an endless fire Which cruelly did endure a time of years apart, Read More

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