Across the Universe

My love of Steven Universe knows no bounds, and so it is with great pride that I present fan poetry in anapestic tetrameter (with a cheeky iamb to start). This spoilerific homage/backstory to the show came from my love of the spectacular extended world that Rebecca Sugar and company have created. Sure, the lore is deep and mysterious, but this playful sci fi setting is a vehicle for messages of love, acceptance, bravery and equality, which makes it one of the most important tv shows of our time. My brother, Peter, liked the poem so much, that he fancied it up in a delightful poster for your enjoyment. I believe in Steven!

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Sitting on a bench on a hill

The challenge was to write something that was ‘against type’; in some way opposite to how you would usually write. I identified that my poetry usually sticks to rhyme and meter, and is mostly reliant on metaphor and simile. I tried to write a lovely seasonal piece without any of these things, and this is the result.

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September 30th

The final breath of a much appreciated rest at the mountain’s peak. A break in the clouds in the last afternoon of the working week. The dial tone after that long-delayed call to a distant friend. The visible bottom of the jar, signalling the peanut butter’s end. A single strip of green remaining for the Read More

Two People

You’re an okay, let’s go. You’re an I’ve got to know. You’re an I want to wisen. You’re a chase that horizon. I’m a let’s take it slow. I’m a maybe and no. I’m a steadily planned it. I’m a can’t understand it. You’re a clubs and two bars. You’re a dancing on stars. You’re Read More

The dream of us on the hill

You’ll never know the ‘me’ I came to be – my mind, minutiae and filigree – we’ll never share a witty repartee or get to stand in solidarity.   Your being there was not a guarantee, such is the way of our reality; dependency, and then an absentee, but here we are inside my memory. Read More

Prime Numbers

Happy    living    in    ignorance.    A    strange    material    has    enveloped    the world,    cradling    and    blinding    humanity.    What    I    sadly    am    referring to    is    a    remarkable    dependence    on    technology    and    material    possessions. Girl    ignores    teacher.    Driver    ignores    pedestrian.    Baby    ignored    by    parent. We    supposedly    are    at    the    zenith,    living    with    the    assistance of    objects,    in    gratitude    and Read More

Smash Mouth All Star

The brief was to produce 500 words of creative writing based on a pop song. I decided to challenge myself by taking Smash Mouth’s “All Star”, pulling it apart word-by-word, and then piecing it back together to form a new narrative. I had to alter the punctuation to fit the new piece, but not a single letter was deleted, only moved somewhere else. Only a small few lines remain perfectly in-tact.

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Shopping List

Eggs Lettuce Envelopes Pickles Hacksaw Aspirin Nytol Toothbrushes Bulbs Utterly butterly Rhubarb Shovel Tarpaulin Seeds Towels Raincoat Anchovies Wire Bleach Energy drink Raspberries Roses Yoghurt Juice Alkaline Acidic salt Mother’s day card Read More

A Duet of Children’s Poems

These updated poems were first written by me in 2005, not for any particular reason. I tried to link them together into a series of poems about different animals either going on adventures or learning important life lessons, though that never came to fruition. Maybe one day.

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Stanford Experiment (#BASE)

In 2006 my A-Level drama group created a half-hour piece of theatre based on the 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment of Dr Zimbardo. A lot of time, sweat and tears went into the production, and so did this poem, which kicked off the piece (this version is edited, as the original was filled with mistakes in meter and rhyme):

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I cannot tell you how overjoyed I was to rediscover this poem. First written to be performed at a student open mic night, I gave it a thorough edit and submitted it a year later as part of my final Creative Writing handover (hence the rationale, which is about as good as explaining a joke ever is). This poem is in no way dirty, so take your filthy mind out the gutter.

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Stop Writing Poetry

A friend of mine (hi, Paul!) recently held an anti-poetry evening with some like-minded fans of verse (sporting a “Poetry is Shit” t-shirt) – it’s quite fitting then that I should stumble upon this little poem that I quite like. As with most poems that I’ve neglected in the past, I don’t truly recall what manner of hard times or thoughts spurred me to write this, but I like it all the same.  I might even read this to myself when I am old.

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