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Love is Strawberries

Sometimes love is a field of wild strawberries;Assorted shapes, sizes, colours, tastes,Growing in patches and amongst wild flowers,On runners that run low, or grow tall as towers. Sometimes love is a pick-your-own;Fill your wee basket with the juiciest, sweetest,Most vibrant fruits of nature’s harvest,Eagle-eyed, swoop and grab, swift as a carvist. Sometimes love is a Read More

That Bee

Do not swat that bee. Be kind to bees. Offer that bee some sugar water. Hum lovingly at that bee. Tell that bee to be all it can be, all it wants to be. “You have a lovely jacket, bee.“ “I really dig those wings, bee.“ “Thanks for making honey, bee.“ “You’re the employ-bee of Read More

Questions That Got Me Banned From PC World

Will my USB work in the USA? Why don’t places sell technolo A-through-F? How should I reply if I don’t know what equipment? Is a gadget a smaller version of a gadge? If my vice is devices, do they cancel each other out? Charger? I hardly knew’er. Read More

An Autobiographical Poem That Reads The Same Forwards and Backwards And Has As Many Consonants As Vowels.

Boob Read More