Wichtlein Nix

The captain ordered the drawbridge lowered for the fourth time that night. The men obeyed. As the portcullis lifted, he took a torch from the wall; the same he had carried out with him throughout the night. The cloth of the grip was damp with the sweat of its last use. As he carried it Read More

Hot Air

“Out! Out! Out of the O-Zone!” shouts the man with a bottle in his hand, “Out, fucking gases! Y~ou’re not welcome, y~ou’re not welcome; y~ou’re not wel-come-a-ny-more!” “But we need gases to breathe”, I say to mummy. She picked me up from school a couple of minutes ago. She holds my hand tighter and we Read More

Joe Chicago and the Case of the Fallen Angel

My NaNoWriMo 2014 submission to the ‘Joe Chicago’ project that a few bookselling friends of mine we involved in. Introducing Joe Chicago – retired PI in 2089 Detroit, in Joe Chicago and the Case of the Fallen Angel The place was white, cold, and clinical. It was a striking difference to the streets outside, thick-brown air, heavy Read More

The Death of Joe Chicago

For NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) 2014, a few friends and I decided to come up with a slew of short stories about a fictional cop from near future Detroit that we named Joe Chicago. The stories were fun and really let us flex our creativity to fit a more a trans-atlantic taste. I wrote one Read More

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