Charlie’s Magical Reading Time

The prompt was “Insect, Dinosaur, Bird”. We all laughed as the random words were pulled out of the hat, and seemingly willed us to write Jurassic Park fanfiction. Having the names of three creatures put me in mind of those fun picturebooks that some children have, where you can mix-and-match the body parts of existing creatures to make myriad new freakish things. Oh, what fun could be had… Read More

The Warrior and the Wyvern

The goal was to create any short piece, and the prompt was ‘Double’. I was inspired by this prompt to revisit a previous challenge (writing something from two perspectives), and create a short piece between two characters, then send one version to the group, but read out the other perspective version during our session.

I have emulated this below by including the other character’s voice in the hover text of the first character’s voice! So hover your mouse over the italicised coloured text, and enjoy… Read More


“Ready, babe?” The words left his lips unconsciously; he didn’t need to pay attention to a question -even one he was asking- when he wasn’t going to care about the answer.   She saw this and didn’t break eye contact.   That must have been a yes, because the very next moment he was all Read More

The Way-Wailer in the Wall

I was given the prompt, “The Road Less Travelled”, to create any 500-word piece. An idea came to mind in a fantasy setting. As I haven’t established a fantasy world of my own yet, I pictured this little scene happening in Analand, a region of Titan from Steve Jackson’s Fighting Fantasy series. Read More

Shopping List

Eggs Lettuce Envelopes Pickles Hacksaw Aspirin Nytol Toothbrushes Bulbs Utterly butterly Rhubarb Shovel Tarpaulin Seeds Towels Raincoat Anchovies Wire Bleach Energy drink Raspberries Roses Yoghurt Juice Alkaline Acidic salt Mother’s day card Read More

Simon Garrington Goes to Hospital

Another 500-word creative writing challenge – write something based on real-life events. When I visited Minsk almost a decade ago with a student theatre group, I kept track of everything in a leather-bound diary (snarf snarf snarf – what a nerd). The one momentous happening that never reached the pages of my journal was when Simon had to go to a Belarusian hospital, where a burly nurse administered an injection to his rump, for which he was expressly thankful. I used this opportunity to write down Simon’s experience, from the time-damaged memory of his own recount at the time (plus a few embellishments, natch). Read More

Basildon and the Thin Man

A Creative Writing set task from 2009 – we had to write a short narrative in a fantasy dreamscape. I assume now that my lecturer at the time was a Twin Peaks fan.

I have since tried writing ‘better’ dream logic (the futility is not lost on me), and I even had a dream diary for a while. You can check out a more recent dream piece here: Hypnopomia
Read More

Day of Youth

A short story written in 2009. Updated 2017. Read More


16:07 Perdita held her mother’s hand, awkwardly through the thick gloves, but tight. The eye-holes above her snout restricted her view, so she relied on her mother to guide her safely. This year she was a werewolf. The cul de sac was infested with all manner of ghouls, grotesques, and ghastlies, all milling this way Read More


Another Creative Writing group prompt – we had to write 500 words and tell the story from two perspectives. You’ll notice the occisional # – when you’re done reading, scroll to the bottom for instructions, then read again!     Perspective 1 Twenty three hours. Used, neglected, forgotten, alone. # Munshifa was left splayed across Read More

Joe Chicago in the Angel’s Brothel

I was overjoyed when given the task to write up to 500 words that connect to the words Flight, Angel and Tentacle. This small excercise conjured the memory of a pulp sci fi detective chapter I’d written a couple of years back (Joe Chicago and the Case of the Fallen Angel –, and made Read More


With the Creative Writing club at work, our week’s assignment was to produce written work of around 500 words relating to any 5-letter-word starting with “M”. I laughed off someone’s suggestion of “Monty” whilst debating the merits of writing a short essay on how great I am. Then I went to the Dentist, and came up with Read More

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